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Styling Tips

How to prepare for your appointment

  1. Cleanse and Condition your hair
  2. Use a small amount of conditioner or curly girl approved product.
  3. Dry your hair with a diffuser or air dry until completely dry.
  4. Do not tie your hair back or put in a ponytail or bun, please.
  5. Get excited! Think about the last time you loved your hair and get ready to do it again

Styling Tips For The Future

  1. wash your hair.
  2. Condition really work that conditioner into your hair! Squeeze it in comb it through get all your tangles out .
  3. When you're ready to get out of the shower turn your head upside down get out all your tangles and rinse out your conditioner.
  4. After you rinse out your conditioner while your hair is still dripping wet grab your styling product start with about the size of a quarter put it in your hand and rub your hands together then glide over hair. Then you want to rope it in, in sections to spread it out. Add more product as necessary .
  5. Once you have the product spread out evenly begin to scrunch the product into your hair. While your head is still upside down start at the bottom push up to your scalp and squeeze do this repeatedly all around your head until the product is all squeezed in . Remember you should hear the squishy sound.
  6. Now that you have the product all squeezed scrunched into your hair grab your t-shirt/ towel squeeze it again gently with the towel and remove all excess moisture.
  7. Apply the clips to the top of your hair in the rainbow fashion you were taught pulling straight up from the scalp clipping both ends of the rainbow. Now you're ready to let your hair dry or diffuse. Once the top is dry remove the clips, when your hair is dry scrunch out the crunch and you're ready to go !

*Remember do not touch your hair while it's drying as this will cause frizz

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